Friday, September 9, 2005


just got home from seeing this movie    it was cute and sweet   great family movie i recommend   Nicole Kidman did an outstanding job in her character   enjoyable with some laughs.....then i arrived home to find another Animal Services notice of a complaint   i've never actually figured out excactly who has it in for me and my dogs, but with this notice, i'm not waiting any longer to sell this house   it's been a rough day   i finally relax only to come home to more bullsh**-aaargh!     I wanted to fix up this place a little before selling, but enough is enough!   so i'm contacting a realtor manana and go from there    so i'll take a hit on profit, but my life isn't all about money    i'll in the meantime check out the mountains and AOL/high speed internet availability   otherwise i'll move close as possible to the mountain range   hopefully it'll sell sooner than later    in the meantime i'll get some repairs done and maybe it painted inside as needed    time will tell   i'll say a prayer and allow it all to the meantime, it's back to Potter   i'm on the 4th book but took a few days break   these books are a great escape if you need one.....well until another day   God bless you...take care..


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