Tuesday, September 6, 2005

compassion of the heart

my anger is subsiding   my anger in regards to the Katrina devastation   my heart can now feel compassion for those people there in the Gulf Coast    my anger was at the government officials, not the victims of the hurricane   now that i've expressed my frustrations with our government in various journals, i can now light that vigil for all the hurricane victims   it is still Ugly there in the gulf coast, but i pray time will eventually do some healing   i pray people can begin to recover although i'm sure their pain is something most of us won't ever know   God is with them   may all the Love there is be sent to all these people and their families wherever they be    the road is long before them and may each step they take lead them to peace, harmony, safety and security   God Bless Everyone!

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stupidsheetguy said...

I hope that after we do all that is necessary to make things right, post-Katrina, that we take every moment necessary to learn how to prevent a recurrence anytime in our lifetimes. What a shame.