Saturday, September 24, 2005

a short note

when it rains, it pours   but then again maybe it wasn't raining to begin with    anyhow, Nicole lost the second baby   now i'm having doubts as to whether she was pregnant or not    my friends have been questioning that since the first pregnancy     i haven't had a chance to talk with kyle about it, but something doesn't add up to me at this point  why does she keep losing the baby?  or is there something else going on with her body???  so as soon as monday arrives i'll talk with kyle   these past few nites, plus tonite, he's been working the nite shift   on sunday he works all day and evening too   i just don't want any girl taking advantage of him and i'm already hipped on one notion of Nicole's regarding finances   so i'm going to inquire some more and let him know some things to think about if need be    i'll keep you posted    (i also advised them to wait before getting pregnant again if i have to buy the condoms    they can't keep putting themselves through all this)...

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