Wednesday, September 28, 2005

this is weather!!!

whoa   it's weather!!!   the autumn clouds rolled in over the mtns today and then we got rain:-) was a nice rain, cool but niiiiice    i didn't take my rain gear with me at work, so i got a soaking although it was just a steady downfall, not cats & dogs   it reminded me of Washington   i love it like this   cooooooool    fortunately i had a sweatshirt to put on once i finished delivering the mail

now what else happened today...i went and looked at that house i desired to rent    i was all ready to do so, but knew i needed to make sure i could afford it   well after a brief question from Tjnya, i figured out i can't afford it   dammit   well i could afford it IF i went back on the overtime list at work    but i don't want to work those kind of hours anymore   plus my health wouldn't sustain the stress from it all    after all these years and these months, i finally found a balance in my life with work, play and home    for 99% of my 20yr postal career i have always worked 50+ hrs per week   the dough was good, but i was frivolously spending it too   doesn't make cents or sense   i learned it was a cycle of it's own and only desire to be out of it   i'm just about out of that mess totally too    i've been enjoying life with my reading, church and hiking   more i play, the better i, as far as a house to rent    i will investigate possibilities near the mountain including but not limited to actually being in the mountains   i know, i keep going back and forth but i must be happy with wherever i rent    i don't desire to go cheap and end in a raunchy neighborhood   my heart desires a good, positive clean environment   i've compromised at times on that, including this place, but i no longer will    so if it means moving to the mtns again, so be it--BUT NOT WITHOUT AOL!    anyways, i'll keep everyone posted as i'm searching

right now i must go pick kyle up from work    his car's transmission went out already so he's without wheels again-ugh!   don't worry, he's giving the car back and cutting his losses   he still owed the guy a few hundred bucks and will not pay him   we're calling it even     also, kyle is looking for an apartment for himself   today he also went to his Army Guard unit and applied for a fulltime position there   he also put in a request to join his unit who are in iraq    i pray one of these things comes together for him    life is not coming together for him as he'd like    so i'm keeping my fingers crossed.....well i'm off for now....


ksquester said...

I am hoping your answers to your housing situation will come soon.  We had cooler weather here in Kansas today also.......feels GREAT!  Anne

stupidsheetguy said...

Ok, well here's wishes for both of you to find the lives you're looking for!