Monday, September 26, 2005

o it's monday   and boy was it a heavy, heavy load today   took out 20 ft of mail of which 13 ft was dps (directly processed system) = letters presorted for us by machine   normally i have 3 trays (2ft each) of dps   today it was 7 trays and a half (1ft tray)   that all takes extra time to sort and bundle while on the street creating longer time on the street delivering    it took me forever and i didn't have lunch   and this is only the beginning of increased volume   our volume will double again next month and again the closer we get to Christmas   this is typical for this time of the year and i always begin dreading it    it's best i don't think about it and just bust my butt as usual extra hard during this time   we all do    and with the added route adjustments, it's going to be a looong fall & winter  hopefully i'll be able to retire in the middle of all this   we'll see   all in good time

in the meantime, it's monday nite football   i didn't go to the forementioned meeting  i got off work later than expected and i was too funky to go in my uniform, which i really didn't desire to do anyways   there will be more meetings and plenty opportunity to go   my understanding they meet once a week plus they have a special get together coming up after church services one day     there's no hurry and i need some time to get out of some my 'tudes so that i have an open mind   there are some things i need to accept and not judge the diverse community   damn, i don't like when i'm judgmental    i know i'm only human, but i'm tough on myself when i judge people   i know all diverse people are not the same but i'm also aware, very aware, of some attitudes that are pervasive with the gay community   i will find a way to face, embrace, and erase my judgment   the Serenity Prayer will definitely come in handy for this   God grant me...

ok   enough seriousness   i did get some great laughs while out with Cindy at Starbucks the other nite   we'll have to do it again soon   i've been under some strain lately and i know what will fix it   all in time, the strain will be gone   it's just not soon enough right now....well for now, i'm off manana   have a couple errands to do and then maybe i'll get in a hike before class tomorrow evening   i hope to take Tabou also  ever since i took Tabou with me on a hike,  when i visit her and Tjnya, Tabou is darting out the door to join me   she's such a sweetie   so i will get her out soon, very soon...

hmmm, i just remembered   i have a shot of jim bean   i may drink it just so i can relax   i'd love to curl up with Potter right now, but i have homework to finish reading for class tomorrow nite   so i'll finish it, then maybe Potter.....and one more important note:   it's been 2 months at least since i've had a cigarrette -Yeah!   i think i finally found a way to quit my 1-2 cigs that i'd have every month   i'm sooo happy about that   i'll keep counting down the days  

well until another day

Gratitude     today my heart is filled with gratitude and unconditional love for the immeasurable vastness of Life, and the awareness of my cosmic connection to all creation.  I stand in awe of the unfolding pattern of perfection in my life.  Joy overflows in my being as I contemplate the mystery of Oneness that reveals itself through me.  Life is good.      

                                                                                                and so it is

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lacaza3 said...

I bet christmas time suck for you with the mail..I never mail anything hardly if it makes you feel any better....:-) my x husband is a ups guy and he hated christmas also
Good luck with the move
Donna In tEXAS