Wednesday, September 21, 2005

local cable

hi everyone    hope all is well with you   the local cable here has been off again   hopefully it's fixed for good this time    but there hasn't been a lot to chat about while gone either   i heard from Marti, Midlife Musings   she's doing well  i'ts always been nice to hear from her but especially since Katrina.....last nite i made it to another Bible Wisdom class   not sure what to expect and it went better than i had thought   i discovered i was on the right track with my readings, the first was the David and Goliath story    it's been since i was a kid since reading any of the bible or remembering any of the stories   so i just read the story simply and then we learned the lessons in class   simplier than i thought   simplier than what my father shared with me (he became a preacher about 10yrs ago)    anyways, this morn i woke a bit confused but that is precisely what my spiritual journey does to me   it is less now than a couple years ago, but this is par for the course   it's frustrating, but that's what my illness created   slowly but surely i won't be confused ever again    in the midst of the confusion i feel this little church girl show up   the little girl i was in my youth attending church    well i'm not all that comfortable with that   i'm no longer her    so i'll be keeping my eye on myself so as not to bring that kid in   Spirituality and church have different representation to me now    i desire to grow with it, yet i must also set my own pace   and i'm learning with this class it doesn't have to be heavy   i'm very happy about this for i believe "everything is achieved in a light heart"    i learn much better with less seriousness in life   i was telling Cindy today that i need some laughs right now   the only laughs i'm getting at the moment are from Harry Potter   so Cindi and i will head to a movie this friday and have some laughs    i look forward to it very much, speaking of Potter   i'll be finishing the 4th book tonite finally    think i'll wait until its movie comes out, watch it, then proceed to book 5    in the meantime, i'll be finding something else to make me laugh besides my doggies and little ms jasmine    i also will get some quiet time in the evening for kyle will be working the security nite shift at the mall    i'm still not totally adjusted to having a son around regardless how much fun he can be....

o one more thing,  i found a house for sale over on my route that i may be able to afford provided it's still available once i sell this one  ( i deliver mail by the mtns)  it gave me a light of hope and assurance that moving over there will be worth the extra $300 or so a month on mortgage   Serenity and sense are more important to me than cents    so patiently i wait for that move

now time to finish dinner and Potter!


jmorancoyle said...

    Don't wait for the movie. They are all so different from the books, you think it's another story entirely.

fitzzer said...

Good luck with the house!

stupidsheetguy said...

Hey, don't forget to keep us posted now...I'm excited that you have a chance to make a move like that.