Monday, September 5, 2005

lazy morn

well i was up late this morn, but then again 9am isn't really late for me   anything after it is   so i sat sitting my coffee and reading Potter's book #4   i'm absolutely HOOKED on Potter!   but i'm having a blast with the books....anyways i finally turn the groove tube on only to find our New Mexico Lobos being televised on ESPN   apparently i didn't need to buy tickets for the home game   it's half time and thus far they have played very well    we're in the lead 17-6 vs UNLV    i hope the Lobos have a better season the past 3, not that they've been bad   we have made it to Bowl games but have yet to win on those games   i'm hoping their season is better in preparation for another bowl game so they can win it this time    it is a feat by coach Rocky Long to get us to the bowl games, now the next feat is to win ....GO LOBOS! day i'd love to get a photography degree at UNM   hurry up retirement! this has been how my mornin has been spent   i will get a few things done this afternoon   yesterday was a lazy do nothing day   i napped, watched football and then hit the sack but reading Potter a tidbit first    kyle and i argued over who was sleeping on the couch last nite    ever since i slept on it a few weeks ago, he's been doing the same    the futon couch is a great bed and it's a nice, real nice, change sleepin on it versus the same old bed   plus it's just really cozy in the living room too    well he won out last nite for the couch   i slept in his bed since mine is full of laundry to be folded, hence my first project for the day   straighten up my bedroom   i will also get the dogs out for a walk today for sure    just wasn't in the mood yesterday maybe due to the cloud cover and the serious tone in the atmosphere    we talked a little about the gulf coast area at church, then i read some more news on it and some j-landers commenting in their entries    with my blues in hand this made a gloomy day-ugh is brighter all the way around   sun shines, no blues, i have a light heart and it's another lazy day mood but with energy to boot...i visited the official Harry Potter website this morn   they have a couple shirts i'll purchase soon   one has 'I swear i'm up to no good' on it, or something close to it    i'm going to have this as my new motto for life:-)   mischief managed!  it's mandatory i keep my life Light and lighthearted   it's dreary enough with the blues   as class begins at church i want to insure i don't get too serious   so i'm going to keep reading Potter while attending class and go play somewhere somehow as well   key's to a young heart....forever more forever Life is Good


ksquester said...

Glad you are enjoying the Potter books so much. Sounds like you have had a wonderful Labor Day......thanks for your comments in my journal.  Anne

fitzzer said...

Light & lighthearted is a wonderful choice.

katric15 said...


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