Tuesday, September 27, 2005

house for sale

i talked with my realtor this morn    we figure my house will be ready to put on the market within a couple weeks   then it'll sell in about 30days or so    yesterday i found a house to rent on my postal route   it'll work til i actually buy in that area   so now it's time to juggle the finances for the move   Pat, my realtor, thinks if i'm moved out while showing the house it'll sell that much faster    we'll fix my roof leak, patch the ceiling and holes in the walls, then paint and reseal my saltillo floor   then put it on the market   there are a couple other minor details to be fixed, but it can come later before closing   i pray all this will work out and will do just that   i must have faith that all will come together    it's been a struggling year to some degree, faith almost got thrown out the window    whatever will be, will be....in the meantime, i'll begin packing boxes    so i'll be sporadic with my journal entries i suppose    i'll keep everyone posted on my move   wish me luck...

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stupidsheetguy said...

OK, I'm sending you some good luck, and I know you'll get through the worst part...PACKING...really quickly. Hope it all goes well.

Keep us posted when you can, ok?