Wednesday, September 7, 2005

U.S. Open Tennis

I love tennis    Billie Jean King was my idol   but i love the men's game as much as the women's    tonite i watched almost all of Agassi vs Blake    USA tv had contractual obligations and disengaged in the 5th and final set    so i've been waiting paitently by AOL Sports scoreboard for the finale    i had to keep checking the score for the 2 went into a tie breaker.....alas, Andre won!    awesome!   it was an all american match so we would win no matter what, but i was pulling for Andre   he's the best of his era IMO   i look forward to his semifinal this saturday i believe   in the meantime, the women have played great quarterfinals these past 2 days   my fav to win, Lindsey Davenport lost tonite    now i'll see how the semifinals unfold before deciding who to root for this saturday in the finals    should be some more great tennis the remainder of the tournament men and women's     one day i'm going to make the trek and attend the tournament in person, hopefully within a year or two.....until another day....God bless you.

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stupidsheetguy said...

LOL, I loved tennis too, just didn't watch it as much as play it. Thanks for the Agassi update...I was wondering how that match went, LOL!