Tuesday, September 27, 2005

For Promise

this prayer is for Promise of the Journal Jar who has cancer    may she be healed and well soon   God bless her....

   God is all there is  God is love, divine, health, peace and healing   Whatsoever is in God, so it is in Promise  Promise is Love, divine, peace, healthy and healing   I now know that Promise is healed, full of love, peace, joy and good health  I am forever grateful for this Truth in Promise's life.  I release this into Law   I let go and let God...and so it is

(this prayer is actually what we call Spiritual Mind Treatment which is prayer   we treat for the healing and the desire result, not the cause   the focus is on the positive result desired)

may Promise be Healed, if not cured, from her Cancer   for in everything in life, there is the journey of becoming closer to the One, God, and all life   for life is infinite and so are we    our body is our vehicle to experience life here as a human   we do not ever die, we just don a new garment when going to Heaven   we are immortal...

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