Sunday, September 11, 2005

easy like sunday mornin

well i finally can sit and relax a bit before church    sippin my brew and reading something    the woman who was to arrive about buying my house called and canceled   apparently she spoke with her investors and they don't desire to invest in a townhome which is what my house is considered    ok smidgens disappointed, but not really   i'll contact the realtor who sold me this place manana hopefully    i always like to return the same opportunity to the same realtor who got me into my house now i sit trying to decide whether to do some cleaning before church   i probably won't   don't desire to wear cleaning materials as my perfume for church   think i'll head across the street to my neighbors   it appears they're having a yard sale and i can't pass that up, but then again maybe i'll just sit here and read Potter   sounds more enjoyable ...the air is cool   scent of autumn is here refreshing my soul to a new season and change....

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