Sunday, September 18, 2005

GOOD Mornin all

hello everyone    this is the first in days since being able to get online   my cable modem hasn't been working since the last entry    and to my surprise i found it in working order as i woke this morn   must have been something local going on   otherwise it would have been until this coming wednesday before being online   i scheduled an appointment with comcast for then......anyways,  it's great to be back online   i miss being in touch with all my friends in for the latest:   well kyle finally found a car he bought   last week was very stressful, mostly because kyle has been soooo stressed about it   well we got the car wed or thurs   fri we went to register it and got an emissions test   it failed the emissions test, so he has an appointment tomorrow mornin for it to be fixed   the car has minor repairs but it's sufficient to get him back and forth to work and any running around in town   not good for long distance trips, but hey we now have 2 cars at this household   no more juggling our schedules to get everyone to work   plus i don't have to foot the gas bill either   i now know when i fill up how long my tank will last me:-)   so we'll both be very happy once the car has passed the emissions test and registered.........friday, kyle went to see his girl   it hasn't been a good trip for him thus far    unless they kissed & made up last nite, he'll be home early today    i feel for him   he's soooo crazy about nicole, but i'm beginning to get the impression it is not the same for her     i'll support him in whatever decision he makes regarding them   that's all i can do really    the signs are on the wall that this relationship isn't going to work out, but who knows maybe they can mature and grow and still stick it out   we'll see    he & i will be having a talk once he gets home     and i will keep plugging the thought of going active duty to him    this is something he's talked about since he arrived 2 months ago   but whatever his decision, i'll support the meantime,  this was the first weekend kyle's been away from jasmine  so she slept with me the past 2 nites   the first nite she slept on the floor, but last nite she insisted being on the bed, so i pulled her up  (all my other dogs sleep with me too, so what's one more)   she whined a little last nite so i held her & petted her for a little bed then she fell off to sleep    she misses her dad    she's be so very happy to see him once he gets home   she's such a little sweetheart and i'm trying to teach her to respond to 'Girlfriend' as a second name   it's working a little, maybe in time    but for now she's jasmine and kyle's girl    IF he were to go active duty military, i'll keep her for him    although nicole purchased her, she really isn't her dog   plus i don't know that nicole has the interest anymore   we'll see   i'll do what's best for jasmine   i don't think nicole could keep her anyways unless she moved off base which won't be happening anytime soon

well tomorrow Pat arrives   she's my realtor to sell the house and maybe purchase another on the eastside of town   i'm not sure i'll be able to afford a house over there, but who knows maybe i can find something in my price range   i just have to wait and see how money comes together once i retire    all in all though i'm really lookin forward to being next to the for why i definitely decided against moving into the mountains, has to do with isolation    if i had a mate, i wouldn't hesitate moving out there again; however, being alone it would be isolating, which it is regardless   i'm afraid also that i'd experience PTSD from my illness   i don't want any memories triggered from my psychosis   occasionally i get triggered as it is and that's enough   i hate it when it happens-YUK  YUK  YUK!!!    so i feel it best to stay in town and one day return to the mountains with a mate   in the meantime, i can hitch a hiking trail only a few minutes away once on the eastside while daily reaping the cool air that flows around the mountains bringing the scent of trees everywhere.....

well, now i'm off to get ready for church    i desire to check out a spiritual growth group this morn which begins at 9:15am   another step on my journey.....take care   God Bless...

p.s.   jasmine has found the toilet paper...there's no more toilet paper

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