Saturday, September 10, 2005

royally p.o.'d

i am royally ticked off!!!!!   i turn the tv on so i could watch the women's tennis final   and loooooooooo and beeeeeeeeehold the local station has overridden it with NM Lobo football    this just absolutely SUCKS!    Who the hell are they!   it's such a rare time i get to see women's tennis finals of the grand slams    this one is in the evening which i can watch and !@#$%^^&&***!!!!!!!   SORRY, BUT LOBO FOOTBALL IS NOT THAT GOOD........

now for some interesting news....i called someone who buys houses.   i was called into work today and had to deliver a flyer to everyone with this info on it    so i called them    they'll be here manana at 9am to check out the house    i'll see what it's all about and whether or not it'll be worth my time     i'd love to be out of this neighborhoond ASAP!!!

now,  off to the shower then i'm betting kyle 5 bucks that Texas beats Ohio State Univ   so i'll watch it for now until tennis arrives on the groove tube IF it does   knowing the locals here they've rescheduled the tennis match to run at midnight tonite   by then i'll know who won, DAMMIT!!!!

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ksquester said...

Darn.....I hate it when something gets pre-empted! Hope you can catch it later on. Anne