Wednesday, July 13, 2005

3 rules...

when Kyle arrived i told him there were 3 rules in my house:

1.Don't lose Charlie

2. follow rule #1

3. Don't lose Charlie

well this evening, Charlie escaped him this evening right after i got home   i actually started laughing but i knew Kyle would get him   he immediately jumped the fence too chasing Charlie   faster than i could ever be   now he really knows how Charlie is, the heartaches and headaches of my life is Charlie but i love him bunches...anyways, it hasn't rained yet but it has been threatening with dark cloud cover   humidity is still in the air hitting my joints painfully and my right wrist which i injured a dozen years ago rollerskating   i had to put a brace on it today   i know i'm getting older, but my body is falling apart like i'm old....well the event of the day, i got mooned today while delivering mail   i  haven't been moon since my 20s and forgot they even do those things   this was a kid about 12yrs old who did it, but i ignored him and pretended i didn't see him   he had a blast tho   first time ever on the job i've been mooned   you think you've seen it all and then you're reminded about all there is and then some   i really need my mountains now, lol    2 more days of work and i'll be there   it's been a pretty good week with all the exciting news   i told my nephew to make sure he buys his wife, mother to be, at least a single rose for becoming pregnant  it's a special occasion   just want to teach him a few things on how to be a loving husband and a better man   whatever i can think of while he's here   he didn't have a father figure while growing up   my mother raised him and his father disappeared before he was born i think   i hope one day he finds a father figure for himself   he would be really good for him i think   Tjnya raised her sons by herself and i applaud all women who raise their children single handlely, and men too   i've seen some great kids come out of single parents....anyways, i know Kyle will do just fine   i can tell he's a sensitive guy   i know me at his age still neededsome guidance my age i still need some guidance at times   anyways, life is good   the best is yet to come...


































ksquester said...

3 good rules you listed there. I assume Charlie has been found. Your nephew is lucky to have you.   Anne

candace636 said...

Well you can bet he won't trust Charlie again! I was mooned about six weeks ago  when I was driving home from boating with my sister and her husband. I told my sister to grow up. <g>
Enjoy the 'tains!

delela1 said...

But, Karen, rules were made to be broken.  Ever wonder what's up with kids these days?  LOL.  I'm still laughing about you getting mooned.
And, sometimes, at any age we all need some guidance.  All of us, doesn't matter how old we are.