Saturday, July 23, 2005


i just completed watching the 'Into the West' series   i think it gave me a tidbit more insight into those times    what history we have   immediately following the series, our station was showing "The Color Purple"    i had enough history for one night, but i was reminded that my geneanology(sp?) came in from my grandfather who is part Cherokee   there wasn't a lot to the material and it confused me   i've always thought my grandfather to be Cherokee with some part Choctaw in him    now his father listed, his surname Goins (as mine), was an irishman    now either grandfather is half Cherokee or his father adopted him when he wed my grandfather's mother, full-blooded Cherokee   i must contact a distant relative to get clarification on this  either way there's still a lot of history and family linearage to be discovered   after the series, i'm anxious to get started asap, but really don't know how soon i'll begin the research   plus i don't know how far i will really get    once i hear about my retirement with the p.o. , i'll know how soon i can begin on some of the research   if i don't have to work once i retire, i'll start the research in the near future, if not i'll postpone it until i get school completed or do it in between classes  maybe my sister will want to help   all in the meantime, hurry up retirement....

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lacaza3 said...

My great great great grandma was cherokee also her name was molly birdsong...I would like to find out more about that part of my family
Donna In TEXAS