Tuesday, July 26, 2005

goin' shoppin'

well this evening, i'm going shoppin'...for a new 'Tude   today didn't work out as i'd like   i got up, got dressed for work and took my nephew to work all ready to head onto my job, but i remembered i needed to make a very important phone call and came home for the number   i was still sleepy as hell, but got on the internet and it woke me up slowly but surely   so anyways, i make my phone call and sit down to relax a bit before headed for the tough work day   while sitting tears began flowing, just my depression, and i said Nope not today to work   so i call in, but they call me and i think showed up at my door step needing me to work   i layed in bed pretending not to hear them realizing i can't win with work whether i go there or not   it's tough going to work depressed and then if i don't go, i feel guilty sometimes for not making it   it's a no win cylce   it's definitely time to retire   it's work just to get to work and keep going there, no wonder i need a new attitude to keep me going   so i've decided to go window shoppin to see if there are some new cliches out there i might be able to use    if i don't find one, i may use 'No Fear' as my new motto  it puts me into an adventerous feeling and maybe that's all i need to tackle the job and the world again  and with my nephew maybe i can pick up something from him and his friends   which just reminds me   where is my 'No Fear' poncho some young guy gave me   i need to look for it!...so i'm off to look for it while waiting for my nephew to finish his phone call   he' going to hang out with me at the mall   i also got out the chess set   i haven't played in about 20yrs so he'll probably beat my butt, but hey, it'll be fun!   off for my new 'Tude!


jmorancoyle said...

    Take care of yourself.

fitzzer said...

Sometimes it's best to just call in and take care of yourself. My friend Paul always used to say "in a 100 years, there will be all new people here" putting it all into perspective. Taking care of yourself and enjoying life should be your #1 priority and it's great you are doing this. Have a good day off and feel better my friend! ((hugs)) ~ Lori