Sunday, July 10, 2005

he made it!

well my nephew, Kyle and his wife Nicole, finally  made it into town   yay!   she's a really nice girl   she basically dropped him off and headed back to Ft Bliss  but i will see her on weekends here   they don't know if she's suppose to be here at Ft Bliss or Korea   by wednesday this week they hope to know her destination   in the meantime, it looks as though Kyle will be staying with me for quite awhile   his intentions was to move to New Mexico anyways  so now he's here  it'll be great to have some family here   plus i informed him i'm not like the rest of family, which i am NOT   apparently some of the family wasn't too happy that these 2 got married   i told him they will get over it   it is not their decision on what makes him happy, it is his   they've only known each other a few months, but that's enough for them to know   they're young and who knows they may last 50+ yrs together   i hope they do   I'm happy for them both  Love marks it's own course on all of us...anyways, did i tell you folks that Kyle and I share the same birthday , Sep 14   i'm actually happy he's here  we can discover New Mexico together and the Grand Canyon when we get the chance   Show him the life i've been living which is discovering every corner i can   there's still so much for me to see here...anyways, i'm lookin forward to the company and adventures with someone other than myself    i started teaching how to grill food tonight   we bbq'd some chicken   this will be fun! dogs have done well tonight too   usually they're all over company but they seem to have calm down the past few visits with people   that makes me happy   they're such good dogs anyways but usually have reacted like Dino on Fred Flinstone   maybe my neighbors being over often has assisted them calming down   whatever it's easier to introduce them to new people.....well that's about it for this weekend    everyone have a good week ahead...take care


ksquester said...

Glad they finally arrived safely. Yes, you are right about love marking its own course. I was 18 when I married and we have been married 36 yrs. I think your dogs were glad to see him too!   Anne

fitzzer said...

Glad they got there. My aunt and uncle met each other in the beginning of November, got married at the end of the month and have been married ever since - it has to be at least 30+ years. Sounds like you're going to have a great summer. Nice to have family around. Have fun! ~ Lori

candace636 said...

I'm glad they made it safely and that you will have company for awhile. : )