Thursday, July 14, 2005

another 'G' movie

and another hot day....the G movie is better than WWF...not sure i can get accustom to all this G tv   now i  have a slice of what parents go thru    it took me years to finally adjust to 'real' life, this is like going back in time   it's only temporary i must remind myself....well tomorrow is payday   yay!  and i've spent $50 at a garage sale that hasn't happened yet   one of my customers showed me their stuff for their sale   they sat aside about $50 of stuff for me   i did really good   i got a drill, a sander, electric staple gun, a camping stove, a camping heater, a radio all for 5 bucks a piece   i couldn't pass them up   i also picked up a few other items but i think i got a great deal on all of it   the good news is i came home to my pay stub and had the money to pay for it    i've cut my shopping to yard/garage sales but still spend quite a bit   there's sooo many good deals out here   ....well the clouds rolled in and it appeared as if it was going to pour down rain, but no such luck   hopefully it'll stay dry enough that i can tar my roof a bit from leaking   once i get the roof fixed i can redo my ceiling in my bedroom where it leaked this spring really bad   lots of home projects i'm looking forward to once retired   my neighbor will assist or actually do the work   i'll pay him a decent amount as well    once i remodel the house a bit, then i'm going shopping in the mountains for another home   it'll take a year or so, but it will be worth it   all in time everything will come together   in the meantime, i'm enjoying each day as it comes   today i chatted with Kyle a bit about going places within New Mexico   he's definitely all for it, so i'll invite them along probably for the majority of my trips   it'll be fun   i desire to revisit White Sands again and i have yet to get to Carlsbad Caverns which is in southern NM and near Nicole's fort   for now, i patiently wait for the next 2 months to unfold when i'll know about my VA disability and postal retirement   honestly, sometimes i'm impatient for it all    one day at time, one step at a time....Life is still good!

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fitzzer said...

That's quite a deal - I'm glad you're enjoying your time with your nephew. Sounds like you're having fun. ~ Lori