Saturday, July 23, 2005

finally....i nice cold one

well i made it to work today after all    as i drove to work i began fuming again and wondered if it was a good idea to be there   so i called Suzanne and let her know if D (the forementioned supervisor) harassed me today, i was leaving & going home   Suzanne informed me she was being spoken to by my Union Steward as we spoke   i did call him last nite and gave him a heads up on the event  D didn't bother me today and i stayed clear of her   she only spoke to me this evening for a moment thinking she was going to need to send me out to assist another carrier    it was a good thing for i was fumin' off and on today   tomorrow i'm off so it'll give me more time to chill over this, but i won't forget this again   i'm ready to tell her to cram it up her a$$ if now i'm finally having that cold beer    i didn't have it last nite because i forgot i needed to pick up my nephew from his new job   he began working at American Eagle Outfitters   his first job wasn't working out for him so he applied at other places and got hired here within a couple days   i think this is ideal for him with his love of clothes and being a teenager   good place for him to get started with his life   ...and it's not that i don't drink and drive   i don't drink and drive on an empty stomach   if i don't eat with my liquor, i'm intoxicated on one beer because of my meds   i only do one drink when i do drink, but don't like to be drunk anytime   never have   been there, done that once   that was's a nice cold one and evening to relax and watch the final episode of 'Into the West'   this has been a very good series   i hope it comes out on dvd it's a very nice chillin' evening...

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jmorancoyle said...

    Glad it worked out with D.