Sunday, July 24, 2005

Congrats Lance!

Way to Go Lance!   his seventh straight Tour de France title   what an awesome feat   i was hoping he could do it, but you never know what surprises may come during the race  good luck with your future Lance.....well i sit this morn with my coffee wondering what my future will be  yesterday i was asking myself where my place in life really is    the question arose before but i haven't really contemplated it   definitely will give it some thought now  for the moment life is with the p.o., but i'd rather be doing something else a little more worthwhile  the job has fullfilled its purpose and now i'm ready for a new challenge or something   i'm ready for a new life but it must be filled with more people this time around   i spend a lot of time alone, not intentionally but it happens   as a postal letter carrier you're out on the route all day by yourself seeing people on occasion  then i come home and just chill for the evening reading, journaling, listening to music or watchin a tidbit of tv   my activities i enjoy for fun only require myself in doing them unless i can find someone to enjoy them with me like hiking, photography, camping and such   i must remind myself it's been a very long journey dealing with my illness, mostly by myself   well maybe all by myself   i miss being with people but don't know yet where i'll be hooking up with them   i may get more involved with church, but i do plan to work for the DAV (disabled american veterans) which i will get contact with people regularly   my therapist and psychriatrist are always concerned with me spending so much time alone   i understand that, but my life the last decade has been alone  also in part, i just haven't met the right people to socialize with   i know that time will come, but sometimes it isn't soon enough    i'll find my place in life  i'm looking forward to the journey   one step at a time, one leg at a time....Life is still Good


fitzzer said...

I'm so happy he won. Sometimes I think we're better off alone than spending time with the wrong people. In the meantime, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. You're doing great! ((hugs)) ~ Lori

candace636 said...

Except for work I spend most of my time alone. I have been making an effort in the past year to leave my "comfort zone" and get out more. I agree...being alone so much is proably not healthy...but it's "safe".