Monday, July 4, 2005

I am Spiritual

well yesterday i broke down and bought another Bruce Springsteen cd   actually this was 3cds in one   it's awesome   happy that i bought it   i have Streets of Philadelphia on another cd and when listening to it a few weeks ago, i can relate a bit with the song and my illness   there was a moment 6yrs ago i didn't recognize myself literally lookin at myself in the mirror   what a long road it's been   anyways, Bruce is just awesome   i've should have bought more of his music earlier, but life happens.....yesterday i also got the blues really bad   i needed so badly to talk with a friend, but chose not to call anyone   at the moment due to recent events, i'm a bit confused about friendships   what they are and what they're not   maybe i'm expecting too much, which i really don't think i am, but will discuss it with my therapist i'm feelin much better and am looking forward to the day   will bbq some ribs and burgers then visit with friends for the holiday   i will either meet up with Cindy, or be taking the neighbors to a free concert with fireworks this evening   last year i went to the free concert and it was a blast   i love concerts free or not   i love music!    i will clean the house a bit and finish one project i all but finished yesterday   i finally got my prints switched in my bedrooms and the second bedroom cleaned up a bit   it needs a paint job, but my whole house needs it   it'll be the first project to do once i retire, if i retire   i have second thoughts but think mostly it's fear talking  ....anyways, it's been a great 2days off thus far....everyone have a happy 4th!

p.s.   i had a spiritual dream again last nite   i finally figured out what those dreams have been trying to tell me...I am Spiritual...and need to get back to my daily practices, in touch with my Spirit and The One!

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fitzzer said...

I so know how you feel about friendships. I'm in the same sort of space right now. It's great you are finding music to sooth you and taking those important steps to find yourself in the process. Glad you're enjoying the weekend. Have a happy & stay safe! ((hugs)) ~ Lori