Wednesday, July 20, 2005

all quiet on the western front...

it's all quiet in my house, except for the dogs making their usual noise   this is the first nite in at least 2 weeks it's been quiet for me   and i really needed it tonite once home   i dropped Kyle off at the Roller King after work   he needs to burn some energy he has going and it allows me to truly chill and relax for a little bit....and thus far the neighbors haven't come knocking either:-)......god i was feelin the heat again today   had to stop and get the Gatorade on the way home   i had plenty of fluids and water, but that wasn't sufficient   summer time is Gatorade time for me  it definitely replenishes me during this heat   it got up to 99 degrees today, who knows maybe hotter   i really don't want to know if it was hotter, it'd hurt my psychic worse   clouds moved in over the mountains and i thought they were going to roll into town with some liquid sunshine, but no luck   it did cool off the temp a bit momentarily, but then the temps soared again   well fortunately as of this moment i'll be off work manana    unless they change their minds in the morn, i get a day break from the heat   and yep i'm staying in the air conditioning all day, except Maybe taking my dogs for a run early in the morn   i haven't been sleeping well, so it'll depend on when i rise in the morn    i'm looking forward to the day manana   chillin, sleepin, doing a project, chillin and did i mention chillin   even if i have to wear a sweatshirt tomorrow in the house i'm leaving the air on ALL day!   hmmm, maybe i'll take in a movie too    it's been awhile since having a day off during the week   i'm chillin.....i also got creative a tadbit today   i've been wanting to buy some sleeveless t-shirts lately  $5 at walmart   well my mind got creative today and remembered all the Ts i have here at home that i can just cut the sleeves off   so i did and will some more    i need all the air ventilating i can get   plus it gives me a chance to show off my tatts on my arms....Life is good at the moment.....quiet.....chillin'

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