Tuesday, July 12, 2005

mountains here i come!

what a day, although there wasn't much to it   i feel like i'm just sittin down for the evening at 10pm    the day was cooler with clouds covering the sun and a nice cool breeze   but then i think there was humidity as well for i was drenched in sweat for no real apparent reason  only humidity does that to me   occasionally it'll drop in here in New Mexico  ....my nephew got hired which is more great news and he said he'll be here at least another month   no problem....as the day round down, i made the decision to definitely get to the mountains this weekend, but i won't be alone   my mountain trips are for me to get away from it all and sometimes people too   for me to sit quietly on the edge of the mountain, reflect and just be   well i'm going this sunday for darn sure, but i'm taking the neighbors and Kyle and his wife if she makes it in this weekend   Lil Angel has been wanting to go to the mountains for a week or longer now and i had almost forgot to oblige her   plus they've never been to the top of Sandia Peak where i go all the time   my heart can't say no to a 3yr old little girl especially as much as i love my mountains wherever they be   i consider all  mountains in the USA MINE!  lol   anyways, i love to share them with anyone i can, so off we will all go on sunday provided weather permitting   well i'll go no matter what, and who knows they may also    my heart aches to get there   the time has arrived for another visit, but first i'll take my kids for their run in the early a.m.   for the last few weeks i've been awefully sentimental, emotional, sensitive, whatever in appreciating the blessings i have everyday   not sure what's creating this sensitivity level, but it actually feels good   a customer of mine was sharing a story about his wife and him today and i got all tearied eye just listening   they're getting older and life has somewhat just stopped for them   she's ailing and he's taking care of her   he commented on how beautiful she is still at 60 something yrs old or older   whatever their age   to me seems like genuine love is hard to find these days   i admire couples who can last a lifetime together   i'd just like a small slice of that    anyways, it was a good day again...

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fitzzer said...

You're so lucky! Have fun - I'm sure you will...how could you NOT!? :)
~ Lori