Sunday, July 31, 2005

Batman Begins

i just finished watchin' this movie   it's damn good   best Batman movie yet  and some awesome scenery in it as well   i highly recommend it....anyways, it's been a good day thus far  i've only done the movie, lol    i wasn't ready to dive into house & yard work so i went to the first showing   i had to ride the bus to & fro the mall but it was well worth the trip   in a moment i'll be dong my chores then diving into a book tonite   a fellow j-lander is reading the latest Harry Potter book, so on that note i'm going to dive into the first 4 that i have   i'm ready for something lite and adventerous  i could tell the other day i need to curl up to a good book, but today talking with my sister momentarily i was reminded i'm overdue   on occasion childhood wounds arise and my heart is very tender  although better, it still hurts a bit and the book will soothe my pain  there are such wonderful things one can do for healing purposes and for me they are the simplist things for me   and today i've been inside in the air too   very relaxing for my body i should say  a couple more weeks and the weather should cool down permanently leading into fall   it ususally does around mid-august here   i love Fall and Winter my favorite seasons   with the fall arriving around the corner, so will the Balloon Fiesta as well    this fall i hope it has some great treasures for me in store   one will be due in 2-4weeks   i'll let you know when it arrives....take care all.....laterz


sunnyside46 said...

please just chalk my silliness about forgetting your journal to my drugged state!
I knew as soon as I saw your pic! you are even on my favorites list! silly me!

sunnyside46 said...

well, you are so sneaky, what treasure? what childhood hurts? I look forward to your notes...write & tell me!
Love, Marti

candace636 said...

I really liked this Batman movie too.
Plus I really liked this Batman too! <g>

karebear4x4 said...

Ditto Candace,  ditto!~kbear

fitzzer said...

Batman was a great movie, wasn't it. My fav out of all of them. ~ Lori