Monday, July 18, 2005

knotted calves

i woke this morn with knots in my calves from the hike, but this kind of pain i don't mind   there were a few other muscles in my thighs that ached a bit too   it was all worth it   i forget that hiking uses different muscles than just regular walking   and today i swore my cardio was better while delivering my route   i had energy to burn    so for a lot of reasons i need to hike more often   i'm going to do my damnest to do was hot although it did seem a little cooler since it rained   but it was still hot enough to diminish my appetite  i have a hard time eating with this heat  on the way home i picked up a big mac, fries, and very large chocolate shake  the shake is the only thing i could do   i'm waiting for the nite to linger on before actually eating the meal   think if i buy more fried rice that will help also  i seem to be able to eat it no matter what the temp   delicious too....anyways,  just chillin for now   it was a long , very long day today   i'm ready for the week to be over with already it was so long   ....hope everyone has a great week....laterz


jmorancoyle said...

    I love Chinese food. Fried rice, orange chicken, egg rolls, you name it, I'll eat it. It's funny how soon exercise will get to your heart. Glad you're feeling better.

delela1 said...

oh, big macs are my fav!  then the filet o fish!  can't do the shake thing with a burg tho, it's either one or the other, not both for me.  no room.  hope the calves are doing better today.