Saturday, July 30, 2005

it's a good thing

i woke at noon today after falling asleep very late    i was totally wiped out  it must have been the sleeping pill    so my nephew and i had some time together today   i paid some bills, then we did a little shopping   i also found some money so he could go ahead to Ft Bliss (El Paso,TX) to see his fiance   he left this evening and will return tomorrow evening   it means i'm without a car, but that's ok   hopefully soon his bonus from the Army will arrive and he can get his own car   i don't know fully what some of the negative views have on my nephew, but he's really a good kid   sometimes in the morn he just comes over and gives me a mornin hug   he plays around and we laugh a lot together   he has initiative and is willing to help out  today while grocery shopping, i went to pick up the 52lb bag of dog food only for him to tell me to grab the cart that he would get the bag  granted he has more to learn as we all do, but hey my family has him all wrong as far as i'm concerned   i also know we're not all perfect and maybe they just have to much criticism and judgment on him   well they need to take a hike!   of course i'm far liberal than my family and don't expect everyone to walk a straight line, which no one ever can anyways    i'm really enjoying my nephew much and getting a bit more attached to him    he already has planned that he, his fiance and i are going to Oregon within a couple years to see my brother and his son   i've been getting the feeling Kyle is really getting attached to me  i really like that yet it's new to me as well   really nice warm fuzzies though    when he does move to TX with his fiance, i'm going to miss him    he has all these plans for me and his 'family' to be    this relationship is a very good thing...for both of us:-)   

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ksquester said...

I adore my nephews too.  They have been such a blessing in my life. I hope your weather will cool down soon, but August can be a bit much. Can in there.  Anne