Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Remind me!

please! please! please! remind me to NOT read or listen to the local news  every time i do there's been a baby badly hurt or killed    i went to the bank this morn to get some notary done on house paperwork   i had to wait an hour to get in, so i decided to sit and read the local paper   Wrong answer!   a baby  took a bullet in the head 4th of jul from someone shootin off gunfire while the fireworks were erupting   less than a year old, he took the bullet in the head   IDIOTS!!!   MORONS!!!   i want to give someone a good ass kickin'   as i read further someone has stabbed and hung a dog, still alive, from a tree but taken all her pitt bull pups    when it comes to children and animals there's no excuse for what people do to them   it's a good thing i'm not a cop   i'd be in jail for choking the livin' crap out of someone for what they've done to children or pets/animals.....God i need to stay away from the local news in any shape or form   i know this stuff happens cross the nation, but i wonder sometimes if it happens here more often   don't know   one case is one too many!


lacaza3 said...

I agree..I hate news like that!!!
Donna in TEXAS

candace636 said...

News is always worse, it seems, when it involves a child. I can't imagine how someone would get through the loss of one. Crimes against childre and old people, IMO, are the worst because they are so vulnerable.

erinnae1977 said...

I'm right there with you on that! Be careful about emails as well! Had that experience today! Have a great night!

fitzzer said...

OMG this is just HORRIBLE! what is wrong with this world? Everyone has gone mad. This infuriates me. I hate the news too. It seems like the madness never ends. ~ Lori