Saturday, July 9, 2005

a new friend

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stonei think i have a new friend   lil' 3yr old Angel (Angelica)  the neighbor's youngest   her dad (and lil brother, 4yr old Christian) were fixin my couch tonight  we had to run to Home Depot for a correct size clamp, then he got started   i put on Harry Potter and the Scorcerer's Stone so the kids could watch   it's been so long since i've seen it, it was refreshing   ...anyways, they were here for a couple hours   once it was time to go home, Angel didn't want to go   she wanted to stay with me   so she stayed a little while longer until we coaxed her mother to come get her   she didn't want to go with her dad or Bubba   she was tired and i allowed her to sit in my lap & arms while watchin the movie   she stayed in my arms while dad did drilling which scared her  mom coming to get her was perfect timing for my kids were outside and they began shooting more fireworks off again   when is that going to ever stop!   it was a good evening and hopefully my futon couch will last another 7yrs, about the time my dogs will be gone   i won't buy any more living room furniture until these kids have gone to heaven   Charlie loves to go flying on the couch while playing tag up & down my small townhome   it's pure joy for me and Charlie while he plays   while all my kids play....well my nephew finally called after not showing last nite   i suppose he'll be here manana, sunday   if not, he'll get here whenever he does   no big deal to me   it'll be good to see him, but i know he's finally leading his own life which makes me happier than anything   i remember how so important it was for me when i joined the military and left home ....well hope all is well with everyone   you're in my thoughts and prayers....laterz

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fitzzer said...

How sweet - always nice to make a new friend. ~ Lori