Wednesday, July 6, 2005

to hair or not to hair

i forgot to tell the story of my day yesterday   actually just a moment when i laughed at myself   i recently got a hair cut and have been thinking it was too short   some of my hair cuts look like GI hair cuts and this is one of them   in my early 30s i got rebellious and radical with cutting my hair very short   length on top, but buzzed on the bottom half    i love it like this   so here i am wearing it again    lately though i've been thinking i no longer desire to wear it this way but with a tadbit more length   anyways, so i ask Cindy if it was too short and her reply was no it looks good   i know Tjnya definitely doesn't like it this way   mostly i don't desire to appear as a 'Butch' which depending on one's perspective i do  ...anyhow, i go to Fed Ex yesterday to pick up a package   the first thing i see is a woman with a Mohawk   i start laughing at myself about worrying about my short hair   her mohawk looked good for her, but that i wouldn't wear   hair says alot i think with the long and short of it   i just have to remind myself that each of has our opinions on how we 'should' wear it   i still like my radical   i say radical for my father thinks i should wear it long   one of those who think i 'should' wear it a certain way   that a woman should look a certain way    thank goodness for freedom of expression and artists and youth who go against the norms   makes for great diversity in our world   i love it! hair or not to hair is the question    be free!   express yourself!


fitzzer said...

The good thing with hair is, it always grows back. Better to be adventurous I say! See how it looks, if you don't like it, do something else. ~ Lori

candace636 said...

My hair sort of makes up my mind for me. I love short hair cuts but my hair is thick, has alot of natural wave that only comes out when short and I have 4 cowlicks at odd places -- my forhead, my neckline and two on the back of my head - so as soon as I cut it short it is liberated to swirl, spin, frizz,  and point in every imaginable direction (except down). When it's long the weight finally keeps it somewhat controled.