Tuesday, May 3, 2005

5 Gifts of Abundance

i went to the next church class tonight    i had no idea whether i'd be making it to another after tonight, but i went anyways   it is more teachings of what we need to practice in order to create abundance in our lives   this week topic: Gratitude   i have much to be thankful for but haven't been in gratitude lately   i'm hoping if i shift to this perspective, my life will be more peaceful for me   not sure   today i've been angry all day and just don't know why   anger and gratitude don't go together   so i'll ease into the warmth of my bed with my kids beside me and sleep on it    it rained this afternoon and is still doing so right now   it's a spring rain, only a bit cool yet smelling very refreshing as though life, earth, and our souls are given a new beginning   a cleanse of the old and onto the new  i love with the air smells sooo fresh with moisture almost like the mornin dew   thank you God for the rain today!  cleanse my soul so i know what you have in store for me around the corner   as the flowers blossom, may my soul and spirit do the same   life awaits me and i must immerse myself again   i know God will show me the how as i figure out the what......

may the sun shine on you brightly, may the wind caress your face, may all your days be full of love,  and may you know you are God's proudest joy! (c)karengoins




lacaza3 said...

I for one need to practice appreciation more often. One day I watched a show about a kid and his family living in a cave in another country...
Wacthed them go hungrey,about freeze to death...etc..
made me appreicate my warm house...etc
Donna In TEXAS

candace636 said...

One of my favorite song lyrics from "Mama" by Beth Hart --"...don't hold the anger it won't let you fly".
The one thing I have managed to refine is letting go of anger, although I still have to work at forgiving myself.  It took years, but what a change in my life!
Thanks for the affirmations. : )

stupidsheetguy said...

I know that it's kind of off-topic, but you gave me a gift tonight. While browsing your journal I noticed the link to the Ashley Judd Journal about the Aids campaign. I promptly made a donation in honor of you.

Hope you're a little more at peace tonight.