Saturday, May 14, 2005

chillin' time

the night is old, actually turning midnight within an hour and i sit just to reflect and not  my babies lay beside me at my feet   i listen to my music on ACM   mellow is my mood after doing my paper tonight all in one evening   school amazes me actually, or i haven't hit the thick of it yet   is it me, or is school 'easy' nowadays   i keep surprising myself of how less time and effort is needed to do school for me, or i'm not doing it right?   maybe i'm just enjoying it so much it seems effortless and compared to my job it is like nothin   well i'm not going to jump to any conclusions on it just yet   i will wait a few more classes and see how they span out   i'm not a straight A student, but i'm ok with that   B/B+ is usually my average   school was a bit of breeze for me in high school   usually, it was a rare thing for me to take homework home  now i suppose if i did apply myself harder, i could do straight A's but then i'd have alot more gray hairs too  it needs to be fun for me to learn anything  life is meant to be enjoyable   anyhows, i'm chillin right now after my paper and before i go to bed   tomorrow will be another day of doing more homework, some catch up, some for our team paper   if only i could go to school ONLY, i'd be in heaven:-) i took a break from stress and i went and checked out the new Jeep Rubicon   I'M IN LOVE! lol   i had a jeep wrangler a few years ago and i really miss it   i've decided i'll get another Jeep and if i can afford it the Rubicon is for me   i want to 4wheel drive again out in the mountains of colorado and any place i can find in new mexico   i also desire to find those off road places to look for some unique photos to take   i want to drive the Rubicon to alaska and back but as well to other national parks and "wilderness"   and i mean wilderness   my favorite place of all time, aside the grand canyon, is a stretch in the North Cascades in northwest washington state   there is a 75mile stretch of nothing but wilderness and it's gorgeous  there's a main road that ventures through there, but there is no other 'civilization'   no gas, restraunts, hotels/motels, nothing but campgrounds and they are far in between   it's a great place to backpack too   the mountains are awesome   this is where i fell in love with the west   the water is an aqua green it's so pure   and i have yet to travel montana, explored yellowstone much, the grand tetons, and wherever the west may lead me   there's some great back roads in the west too   i'd travel them while i was in idaho to california   idaho is beautiful too   wow, it's been a long time since reminescing these great states   it was triggered by another's journal entry on castles   now where does castles come into all this   well i saw castles in europe in my 20s and this is also when i lived in washington and idaho   i'm gettin home sick   gotta retire   hurry up medical records  all other paper work is waiting for your arrival so i can submit it   a couple more weeks and i should be able to submit it:-)   anyways, any of you that have not been out west, you must visit   granted there is some beauty in the Applachian mountains too, but the west is vast and forever beauty everywhere you look   ok i'm a bit biased i admit, but i've been out west for over 20years now   it's home to me now   i grew up in indiana where the cornfields are....well i'd better stop for now, because i'm in the mood to write all night   so for now i'll check out toby keith and my favorite song of his "american soldier"   GOD BLESS OUR TROOOPS!!  

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