Saturday, May 21, 2005

vacation long ago

i'm chillin tonight after a nice cold beer   just one   it's always just one nowadays   but it was delightful after being cooked in the sun today.....these photos are from 2 different vacations    the tigers are the tigers of Roy who got mauled by his tiger   this may be the one, yet i don't know for sure    they are beautiful and i was able to capture a couple photos of his cats   now if i had only gone to their show before the mauling incident   i chose to wait, dagnabbit!   following the tigers are a few photos taken in the Arches National Park located in southeastern Utah   i hope the canyon reds show up well in these photos   if not, imagine:-)   deep dark red tones   southwestern  awesome they are   the woman in those pics is my sister  the next to last pic is from Canyonlands National Park located literally down the road from the Arches...the last pic is somewhere on our journey back to washington state ....digging out these photos i realized i had only taken too few photos of those parks and must revisit that area for a week just for photography purposes   i'm biased, but i love the west!  soooo much beauty out here!   hope you enjoy!

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