Wednesday, May 18, 2005

wednesday mornin blue

i sit quietly reading the news, sippin my french roast coffee wondering what to do today   to work or not to work is the question    school is calling me as well as some other matters    so after reading a crime story this morn i'm inclined to stay home and school   the quiet moments gives me time to reflect, question and indulge myself into solitaire  these are my favorite morns when my children are not causing a raucous and nothing seems to move   not one sound except a distant plane flyin overhead ...but it doesn't last long as sadie girl decides to play .....last nite i did get some fun in    as i placed a dish into the sink, i discovered my Outdoor Photography magazine sittin nearby   i've been getting it in the mail, but haven't looked at them for awhile   it is my favorite magazine along with Science of Mind   the OP has awesome photos for me to study as well as great tips in it    there are other photograpy magazines but i think this is the best   it's as good as National Geographic when it comes to photos   both great magazines in my opinion  which reminds me , i need to pay for Nat'l Geo this payday   anyways, i'm savin all my OP magazines for future studying   once i retire, i'm going to concentrate more time on my photography and studying it in more detail   although i have a great start with my photography there is tons more for me to learn  i have some books by Ansel Adams given to me as a present years ago   i'll reopen them and discover other books by Ansel that were mentioned in the OP last night   plus there are other photographers to learn from as well   just whatever tidbits i can learn, and more than tidbits, where i can improve on my photographs  not sure i'll ever make the professional grade, but it sure will be a hell of a fun time tryin ...i need new life and photography will be a part of that    next week i'll have a break from school, so i'll dig out my camera and go shoot   i must buy another filter for the lense   i've missplaced my haze filter  it is a must have item to protect the lense from damage more than anything   it's cheaper to replace that filter than a whole lense   i get an andrelanine rush just thinkin of shooting .....anyways, i'm off to my day    life is good

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