Friday, May 13, 2005


tonight i got some reassurance which i needed the other night i wrote in this journal regarding Russ and his young worker some of you might have seen it, others not because i deleted it i realized after that entry i was a tidbit jealous of this worker of his from out of the blue it arrived on my doorstep and i had to deal with it it's been over a decade since dating someone and having competition around ....well anyways, i saw Russ tonight at his house and met his worker it wasn't meeting her that reassured me, it was simply his kisses and holding me   he doesn't even know i've been feeling jealous   he was just himself and the kiss and holding was all i needed    this picked me up tremendously  better than chocolate actucally, lol   i realized today i've been moody and depressed for about 2 weeks but haven't been paying too much attention to it until i've gotten tired from work   my bitch: i'm tired of being sick and   i got sick of it months ago....anyways, Russ' kisses will carry me through the night and then some:-) some chillin time for me....take care   have a great day/eve...

affirmation:  On Happiness      I no longer focus my attention on the undesirable circumstance in my life.  Instead, I place my attention on the goodness of God knowing that goodness is God's will for me.  Goodness brings happiness, harmony, and peace.  I now embrace heartfelt happiness, harmony, and peace in all areas of my life.

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jmorancoyle said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. No duck need here! Afflac!