Saturday, May 7, 2005

Grand Canyon #2

O righty then!   i've found a new toy:-)    i'm sooooooo happy!   i went to kinko's this morn not thinking i had a scan on my new printer   so i've been scanning my photos and here are a few more of the grand canyon   photo #1 is actually sunrise at the GC.  #2 is the gc after the sun has risen  it gets hazey quick once the sun is up at the canyon  #3 is another blue gc before sunset...more photos to come. this is exciting   i love photography and with this pics from a regular 35mm camera and film, i can see how digital photography would be better on the computer   maybe down the road i'll get that digital camera, but right now i love the traditional film quality of photos for printing   life is sooo exciting right i reluctantly decided to drop college for the moment   it's like a part-time job even though i love it  i work 6days a week at the p.o. therefore only having sundays off   that only gives me one day for cleaning, yard work, laundry, shopping, church and any funtime i desire to have   too much work and very little play is not a balance   i will however be back in school once i retire which i'm working on the paperwork at this moment   now i can enjoy school, my photography, dates with Russ-the new guy in my life, and church as well as the dozen or more books for pleasure reading to do   also i have home projects like painting, landscaping, building a dog run and a new gate for my fence and other stuff to do   but most of all, i'm hittin' the road jack   i'm going to start taking saturday overniters in other areas of new mexico and the borders of arizona and colorado   there's so much i need to catch up in my travels for i have done so little since my illness began over a decade ago   now i'm healthy and happy and ready to roll    and i love that i've discovered this photo stuff in my journal   means i can share my adventures with all of you this summer   in the meantime, i'm going to dig up some 'old' photos if i can find them of our Balloon Fiesta which takes place in October   Up to 1000 hot air balloons have participated in the 10day fiesta held annually    it's just awesome and beautiful!   i'm ready to share new mexico and its beauty with everyone!...anyways,  more photos on the way:-)  I HOPE YOU ALL ENJOY!


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Oh, I definitely enjoy!!!  Very, very nicely done.  Essential moods, lovely.  You have an eye for this, you know.  :D