Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Thanks j-landers!

THANKS Everyone for your support today and your comments.  Thanks to Marti who sent me this link  http://www.bassfiles.net/parachute.swf    it's useless fun but it made my day today and immediately after work:-)   i got some great laughs with it   so if you need stress relief, i recommend this site.....my hip pain did subside but my mood didn't   i was able to walk some of that mood off today in the warm sun and cool breeze   that's why i always loved walking routes   a great way to walk off the stress in lieu of aggravating it while doing a mounted route listening to the vehicle's motor running all day   while walking the wind takes my mind off of things and one does not really have to think while deliverying the mail    i can get some great solitaire in while walking and deliverying mail and get paid for it:-)   thank goodness the boss doesn't know, lol   ....so tonight i'm chillin somehow someway   i wanted to hit the dollar movie but i got home too late from work for the early show   maybe manana   not sure how i'll chill tonight, but i just said @#$% it today with life   i realized sunday evening that if it wasn't for my damn depression, my life would be a piece of cake   it was nice remembering me before my illness again   and this journey will my illness really put me through some deep valley lows that i've climbed out of    anyways,  things will get better one way or another come hell or high water   i've been thru both, so i can handle it....i came home and had some cocoa krispies so my mood is better already    i see kathleen monday, my therapist,  she always has the right answers for me   i'm soooo very grateful to have her in my life   i need to talk one more idea regarding school, then i'll know what to do with it in the near future   i didn't turn in one paper for this class and it hurt me BIG TIME on my grade   hopefully i can straighten it out in these last 2 weeks of class   it was just my depression talking AGAIN but i know what to do the next time...if any of you find a lot that has brains for trade out there, please let me know   i'm in search of a new one....LOL    anyways, i'm going to play tonight some   everyone have a great day manana and the remainder of the week....i'll be in touch

p.s.   i found one of my old Science of Mind magazines, so i'll share a thought or two from it.....

On Being Confident             What God is, I am.  Therefore, no matter what challenge I face today, I know the Presence that dwells within me successfully guides my path.  I move forward with confidence, knowing God is my Source.



sunnyside46 said...

what are you studying?

karebear4x4 said...

Marti, i'm studying Criminal Justice with Univ of Phoenix Online....i will perservere unless dictated otherwise to me and finish my bachelor's in about 2yrs:-)~kbear