Tuesday, May 24, 2005

evening nap

   i came home tonight after work feelin' i needed a nap   so i put my dogs outside (they were inside today in the cool air) and i went and laid down   well that was about 6:30pm and i didn't wake til just now, 9pm   it's been years since an evening nap after work   must have been the heat even though i was next to the mountain today delivering mail   my milk shake probably contributed to my sleepiness as well    o well, just means i'll be awake late tonight   no problem for tonight i'm putting more paper work together regarding my disability retirement   sometime i'm draggin my feet on this because i'm unsure whether it's the best thing for me to do, BUT when i go into Kurt's Kamera Corral as i did today, i'm easily persuaded and don't have any second thoughts   i had to go in there to see what was a buzz with my camera   nothing i'd discover but dust between the battery and it's connection  the door covering the battery is broken, so that was the clue to it all   anyways i didn't leave without spending $40   i needed a new filter for my lenses so i purchased that   i also got a hood for the camera which i'm not totally sure of it's advantage   i think there's more to it than protection  and i bought these note cards Charlotte Gardner   they're photograph notecards and the photography is superb   i'll frame them and use them to inspire myself to capture photo as such   the details are crisp and sharp   i asked for a couple tips in getting those type photos, the guy said a tripod and lower speed film   i prefer the ASA 100 already, so will return to that film speed  it was what i learned on to begin with in lieu of the popular 200 ASA that's out now    anyways,  i have a tripod but it is a cheapy and i discovered it's value last summer at the Grand Canyon   not very sturdy   so this afternoon i returned to Kamera Corral and explored the real deal in tripods   far better in sturdiness but it cost a top dollar   they did have some single pods which i'm definitely interested for hiking and backpacking and the rugged terrains i explore  those were as low as $50, but i also liked a couple other tripods which ranged from $120-160 a piece   well once i retire, i'm definitely ready to invest the money into better photography equipment and all that i need to see if i can do a little selling of my photos   cost will be just enough to keep my hobby going   costs of the materials plus about $10-15 on top of that    so i'd sell a photo from $25-50   they will be matted of course, some framed   some may be less expensive for the smaller sizes   right now i'm exploring where i can get quality prints and enlargements for the lowest cost  Kamera Corral guy said they send photos off to Kodak for printing and the results are good   so my next roll i'll drop off to them   God did i get elated just going into that shop today   i told myself i need to retire just so i can do my photos   the weather is gorgeous right now which gives me itchy feet even more   so i'm headed for a road trip next payday and every payday thereafter to explore some of our region that i have yet to discover   i've been itchin to go for a year now and i realized i just work too damn much to get out and about   well all that has been changing the past few months, so now i have the time  Yippie aye Yay!   Retirement here i come!   i'll explain more about retiring in the coming months, but for now i need to get to that package....take care.....hope you enjoy the pic    this pic shows the true Reds of the Grand Canyon   now imagine miles and miles and miles of this viewing the Grand Canyon    Nature is sooo grand!    God bless!


ksquester said...

I'm enjoying your photo's. It's been awhile since I have been to the Grand Canyon.  I can tell you are having a blast with your camera!   Anne

jolie424 said...

Hey another great photo! I always look forward to your entries....it is always a treat! Wow retirement.....how exciting a time for you! I will probably be dragging myself into work until I'm in my 70's....raising 2 daugthers has impacted my ability to save properly....but they are older now ...hooty hoo!  Speaking of tripod's I wonder if you could find a cheaper but good one on Ebay...I have bought a lot of items and I have only been duked once, or maybe someone is selling  a used one in the local paper or a pwan shop...I've never been to a pawn shop ...but hey it could be a treasure hunt...goodluck, you are doing great with your current equipment!   Hey thank you so much for listing my journal under the Other Journals area...I feel privledged!

night, Di.....  aka Lucky Begonia