Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Balloon Fiesta

ok here it is what i've been dying to show you....these pics are about 15-17yrs old but in still good shape   they are of the Balloon Fiesta held here annually in albuquerque, nm in the month of October   It is the Hot Air Balloon Fiesta where hundreds and hundreds of hot air balloons rise every mornin, weather permitting, to the dawn of the sunrise   this is an amazing experience in all its wonder   thousands of people attending but it's like being on 2 football stadiums so you don't feel the crowd so much   or you're too enthralled in the beauty and music of it all   the music being the aaawwws and oooohhhs and the sound of the air fillin the balloons   i hope these pics give you an idea of this great event   i still love going although i haven't made it every year   when you're down on the field, the sky fills up with all the colors and balloons   when you get to the Bear, it is a hot air balloon   i included a few more special shape balloons that attend also   there is one day set aside called Special Shapes Rodeo   the event lasts for about 10days with mass ascension on weekends   if you're ever in albq, try to come the first weekend of October for this fiesta...ENJOY!


stupidsheetguy said...

Well, if I am ever there, I promise to show up, but I will be a SPECTATOR! ('fraidy cat with fear of heights). I'll leave the flying to you.

Nice pictures!


karebear4x4 said...

LOL  well Jimmy, there's no requirement to go up in the balloons and besides one must pay a couple hundre bucks to ride   of all the years i have yet to get into one myself   one year i will   it's just beautiful to experience from the ground looking up:-)~kbear

delela1 said...

Oh Yeeeaaaaahhhhhh!   Hot Air Balloons are one of my treasured things.  And Balloon Races are the best!

These photographs are...in a word...awesome!  Great composition, bright colors, motion, perfection.  :)