Sunday, May 29, 2005

we shall build that sky

i just added a note to my last entry thinking i wouldn't add another entry   it's 4:30am and i haven't slept well since my evening with Danny   as we were hugging each other goodbye and went our separate ways, a strong feeling came over me    i have no clue as to what it really was, but i know i was soooo moved spending time with him that i can't sleep   maybe i'm worried already   my dreams are of Danny when i do sleep...and just before hitting the sack, i meditated momentarily in the still of the night   my inner voice said, "we shall build that sky"    what this means i don't know   i was thinking of Danny and then thinking of God as well as what changes within me i've felt the past few days   whatever that 'sky' is, i know God will be my guide   God is my source, my wisdom, divine intelligence and sooo much more    'we shall build that sky' i feel is a message from God somehow, someway    i will know in the days to come as it unfolds what it will be........if i get some sleep, i will attend church this morn   i had already been thinking of doing so before last nite    all the more reason now to go.....       (at 11:30am this sun morn i discovered i hadn't taken my meds last night   this explains the sleepless nite more than anything   me and my brain-ugh!)

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