Saturday, May 7, 2005

Black&White Photos

Ok guys   this is the last set of photos for tonight   these are black&white so don't change your dial   i love black & white photography   i'm a big Ansel Adams fan every since i saw some of his actual photos in a musuem display   (i also happened to be taking a b&w photo class at Boise State Univ)  anyways, if you ever get the chance to see some of his photos, please do   each and every one i saw took my breath away again, again & again   i'd love to be the next Ansel, but i have quite a ways to go   ok, photo #1 is from Bandelier Nat'l Park   this park is near Santa Fe about 1 1/2hours from my house  i'll include a series on that park later with more photos   it is an ancient ruin site and the ancient ones lived in caves and other adobe made homes    more on that later #2  is spring budding  #3 daises i believe & #4 a tree atop the Sandia Mtn which our city sits at its base  Tj liked that photo so i included it.....honestly i think all my photos look better in print than on here, but i hope you can get an idea anyways   i'm just sooo critical of my photography so i'm not one to be judging   anyways, i'm happy with them all   it's getting to be the hobby i've always wanted to be   eventually i'll take more photography classes for tips on improving my photos   i enjoy it with a passion   only reading comes second to it...ok i need to chill some more tonight with other things   take care  God bless!


ksquester said...

I've enjoyed all of your photographs. I am hopeless when it comes to taking pictures. I don't even understand what the salespeople are talking about when they try to explain cameras to me. I agree with you about Ansel Adams. I also know your area of the country is so beautiful. Happy trails.  Anne

jmorancoyle said...

    I haven't experienced much of Ansel Adams, but what I've seen, I've loved. It amazes me how beautiful a photo can be without color. And there are some, maybe your tree or your daisies that absolutely would suffer if the photo was taken in color. Very nice work.
P.S. I can't take a picture to save my life. I've learned how to crop them and adjust the lightness and contrast, so that even my worst pictures look kind of good.

candace636 said...

I love the close up of the flower (#2)! You must have done well in your class. I don't have any Adams prints but love his work.