Sunday, May 15, 2005

Mt St Helens

there's an article in aol news today about Mt St Helens   it was wonderful to read about the experience and the good that has come from it    i experienced the fallout of that eruption back May 1980   i was living in Spokane, WA at the time assigned to Fairchild AFB   my roomie and i had just come in from playing a soccer game and had noticed the black cloud, very black i recall   my first thought it was a storm coming in, so i turned on the tv to watch sports and unwind from the game only for the the 'alert warning' to immediately come on and tell us about the eruption of Mt St Helens and ash fallout coming our way    we were advised to stay inside and that we did for 2-3days before being able to move thru all the ash   it was totally crazy so to speak being out in the ash   like being in a fog of a dust storm is the closest description to it    ash was everywhere and the town was closed down for the initial 3days, some for a week    the base was closed but by the 3rd day we had to report to duty and clean up the base   we didn't do our regular duties for at least a week  it was all cleaning   ash was inside and outside everywhere   cars were immobile due to in being in the engines   but we all survived and lived thru it   it was its own natural disaster   eventually you could see the good from the ash fallout   the soil was better for the farms and all of the land and its plants making them richer in their fruit   and the beauty the artists carved ash into glass was amazing   i wonder if any of that is still around   i haven't been to the volcano in person, but the article reminded me to go there in my next visit to washington   guess i need to plan a 3-4week trip once i retire   not sure my doggies can handle me being gone that long    maybe a 2week trip and i fly up there   so now i know i'm connect to that volcano   Nature's beauty is always awesome no matter how she shows up   it shows she is power over us human beings   she has the last wrath!  (but i don't like tornadoes and i haven't been in a hurricane   floods can be pretty nasty too, been there done that too)

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ooh, I would so love to see pics!