Monday, May 23, 2005

end of class

    ok   i'm reposting some photos in hopes you have a better view    this is another photo of the Grand Canyon   i think this is at dawn, right after sunrise    if you ever do get to this magnificent place, i discovered early dawn and about an hour before sunset are the best times for photo shooting unless it's a cloudy day   otherwise it is really hazey there....anyways, tonight is the last night of my current class   i'll take at least two weeks off before the next class   i make take even longer   with the bump in the road in this class, i need to think about doing school before moving forward   i will move forward, but not sure when again  my depression a couple weeks ago sent me thru a loop with class    although i know how to handle it better the next time,  i just want to be wise with school and not continue mess up my GPA   i'll talk with my therapist upon her return and go from there   my heart desires to continue, but i must utilize wisdom in my decision making    during my blues sometimes, i barely manage daily life let alone school too during it   but i'm optimistic   i know all will work out for the best   i will finish school, it just may not be as soon as i'd that i'm off for a couple weeks, i'll get some things done around the house, go hiking, read a book or two and just have some fun   it all begins tomorrow after work Yeeeehaaaaaaw! the meantime, i must insure my camera is still working and that it's just the battery that's not working    i went to take some pics of my bloomin cactus, literally bloomin flowers they are, and the camera would not operate    i'm keepin my fingers crossed....ok  until manana....have a good one!


stupidsheetguy said...

The Grand Canyon is somewhere I definitely want to go, and your pictures will inspire me just a little more to take my own pictures at dawn someday.

Good luck with the school situation. I think you're handling it very wisely.


jolie424 said...

Wow, your photo's are really have a Great eye! Do you a 35 mm or a digital camera? What ever you are using don't stop....maybe you could post some pictures of your doggies.....sorry to hear about your Blues....I have to deal with depression also (gotten worse as I get older -mid 40's ....and closer to menopause --spelled wrong) I am hoping that my increase in exercise will kick those endorphins into action....come on boys Wake up! Enjoy your time off from you are feelings  is more important, school will always be there!


karebear4x4 said...

I use a Canon A-1 35mm camera.   This passionate hobby of mine, i will be doing more often in the near future.   Canon's are great cameras, but i want to move over to the Nikon series....on spur of the moment i may take a road trip this weekend for more photo shooting:-)~kbear

candace636 said...

You will finish school. I know you can. : )
The Grand Canyon is an awesome place. I had the opportunity to spend part of one day driving around it. I would love to spend more time. Someday when I learn to relax.....: )