Saturday, May 14, 2005

still chillin

well i'm still chillin at midnight   thought i'd post a few more photos i found of the grand canyon, me and my dogs    the photos begin and end with the grand canyon due to how they post them in my album   i couldn't get the last photo placed first, so enjoy   i wanted to show the reds in the grand canyon as it is   so if you've never been to this seventh wonder of the world, i hope these photos tempt you to get there even if it's for an overniter like me initially   the photo after me on the trail is a pic of the trail   it doesn't look like it but i was tryin to capture the incline to it   the other photos of me and my dogs were taken a couple years ago   all but one dog is in these photos   i'll have to search for one of her soon   the pitt is charlie brown, golden retriever is max, and the black labx is jimmy   they are my life treasures who spend all their time with me when not at work....i also pulled out some more b&w photos that i'll post manana   this was just to keep me busy til i got tired tonight   thank goodness it's saturday night.......sweet dreams everyone  g'nite


lacaza3 said...

very nice can also save them to the ftp space on aol or your villiage photos and then add them like you did on the about me section..that way the pictures come up full size.. just a fyi

sunnyside46 said...