Wednesday, May 25, 2005


well i sure am chillin tonight   haven't done much but sit here, read the news, read some journals, and watch a little tv   i'd love to sit and read a book But i need a break    now i know why college students don't like to read much , some not at all once finished with school    you definitely need a break from the reading    so maybe next week i'll pick up a book i've been working on.....well this guy in the chair is my Max   he is a golden retriever and i've never met a sweeter dog   he is mr. mellow from the word go, although charlie brown will get him to playing    other than that, Max is sooooooooooooooo....oooo...sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!   i haven't ever gotten angry with him    never need to   i rescued him from animal humane   actually all my dogs are rescues from either the shelter or humane society   Max was bout 3yrs old when i picked him up with a afro hair do from bad food   after a couple months of good food, his hair finally started straightening out   he's my first retriever and i never knew their disposition til Max   i was afraid he was going to be timid and not stand up for himself, but i would learn that he would and did when sadie i believe challenged him soon after his arrival    sadie thinks she's the boss of everyone    well he put her in her place....he's really gentle too, except when he paws me   i swear he has bear paws they're sooo strong   he just doesn't realize how strong he is...he's another Big Sweetheart   if you're ever undecided as to what kind of dog to get for your family, i highly recommend a Max.......just steppin outside, i smell rain in the air    it's forecasted to rain manana, but i think it'll be here sooner   i love the scent of rain in the air   sooo refreshing....i'm ready for it to cool off too:-)


fitzzer said...

Max looks and sounds like such a sweetie pie! It's great to hear you rescued your animals. I've always found they make the best pets. Maybe they know they're being & how lucky they to be going home with someone who will love them? ~ Lori

jolie424 said...

Thank you so much for posting pictures of your dogs, they look very lovable! So it looks like you have 3 bIG probably costs you as much or more as it costs me to feed my horse GRacie! I will never be without a dog...ever...ever.The few times I have had to leave town for trips and had to put Teddy the Wonder dog at the kennel at my Vet's, it about kills me because I miss her so much and I always hated that I would return on Sunday and couldn't pick her up until Monday am the apartment was Sad and lonel without her!

Di  aka Lucky Begonia

jmorancoyle said...

If you ever have a chance, a samoyid also makes a wonderful pet. My Sheeby is about the sweetest dog I ever had. She's pretty, too, although very hairy!