Sunday, May 22, 2005

sunday chores

i sit this mornin with my cup of coffee and krispy kreme donuts   just a short sitting this morn for i have a day chores to do   first and foremost, i must get my swamp cooler running today   it's going to 97 and although my humble adobe will be cooler inside, i need it running for my dogs   they get hot regardless   plus at those temps nowadays, the house eventually is hot inside  i went to turn it on last night only to discover the copper tubing had a couple leaks in it   so i'm off to home depot this morn to replace it   hopefully this will be an easy task   i've never been comfortable doing the cooler, but i realized yesterday it is time i get comfortable with it   my handyman let me down last fall and this year   i don't think he's available anymore, so i must really learn this easy task that seems to boggle me anyways   o well, i am not the jane of all trades  ....but who knows,  with the summer here and many projects to do around the house i just may become jane of all trades, lol now i must get running to home depot   it's 10am and the day will be too hot to be on the roof soon enough....actually i enjoy this heat initially for awhile, until it persists day in day out for months on end, then it's time to go....hope all have a great day!

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lacaza3 said...

I remember standing in front of my meemaw swamp cooler..feeling thed cool air hitting my face..I love it....good memories..easy days..
Donna In TEXAS