Sunday, May 15, 2005

artistic intent

well these are more b&w photos taken in a museum in the very small town of Madrid, NM    it's not far from albuquerque, and on the eastside of the sandia mountains   we sit on the westside   it's considered a ghost town, but it is populated and a quaint place to visit   driving thru this town takes about 5mins or less actually   there they have a museum of its original core for it was a mining town   the photos posted are some of the treasures i discovered   when it comes to my b&w photography i'm always trying to capture light, texture, contrast and mood in the photo   these i was also trying to capture its vintage   i attempt to capture the 'art' of a photograph especially thru b&w since taking a couple b&w photography courses at Boise State Univ years ago   anyways, if i'm not happy with the photos, they are great insights on how i can go back and improve on the photograph    photography really gets my creative juices flowing and is soooo much fun  a never ending pleasure of mine    hope you enjoy the photos....more to come when i dig them all out:-)


lacaza3 said...

I really really like these pictures they tell a story without talking...
just to look at the truck makes me think about who drove it what they looked like..awesome

sunnyside46 said...

those are really great!