Saturday, May 28, 2005

danny mares

tonight i got to know this young man a little better   more so than ever actually at work   at work we don't get to chit chat   it's always business, business, business...anyways, Danny is my co-worker headed back to Iraq   the young face of war really hit me tonight he shared some of his previous experience   really just a couple stories and although he was laughing i could tell even more how the war had affected him a bit   his stories really brought the reality of war even closer to home   i am speechless, maybe numb to this experience   i think i was like this last year when Girlfriend (Sharon-another coworker) went to iraq for 3 months    it just brings me in ever more appreciation of what we have here   what it is to be an American   FREEDOM is not free!....i pray tonight is not the last time i see him   he shared what their mission will be, and he won't actually be in iraq again until sept 1   he leaves the 6th of june to amarillo for a couple weeks, then off to north carolina until he departs overseas  ..... i also learned tonight Danny is a country boy  the party was at his parents house and it was actually where Danny grew up   i'm a bit country myself, so i love the down home feelin with country folks  he likes country and rock music, so i'll be sending him some  he also suggested sneaking beer in the mail, so i will definitely oblige with a six pack for the guys   he pulled out a cigarette tonight and i said i didn't know you smoked   not to my surprise, he only smokes while in the war   he was feelin a little bit of the stress tonight (probably the stories reminding him)  so there'll be plenty cartons of cigs for him and his troops in his kare packages   he'll only be over there 6-8months, BUT....God I LOVE OUR TROOPS!!!   anyways, like Girlfriend, i'll keep him busy with letters , several times a week ...when i was overseas, i felt isolated from "Home" = USA   i was always delighted to hear from home   i'm sure it's far more important during war...anyways, i also told him i'm lighting a candle nightly with his pic beside it (once i get it)   i came homeand lit one already   i also started the coffee so i can add some baileys'   a couple cups will do me wonders right now....he escorted me to my truck tonight   we hugged each other a couple times   he knew i was bout to cry, and i did once in the truck and on the road...he did tell me he had a pendant but gave it to Girlfriend when she went to iraq   so it was good i got him the pendant   he said he had it blessed too   he's wearing it now and said he will think of me while over there   i just want him to think of him and his troops and i'm sure he will.....God, war sucks!!!!    I love you Danny Mares   God Bless You, your family, our troops!.....i'll get another ton of gray hairs, but o well....                                              (i'm sooo deeply moved by this evening that i can't sleep tonight..God Bless..)

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stupidsheetguy said...

I'd like to add my prayers and good wishes for your friend as well. Hope everything turns out right! I have no idea what these brave folks are going through, but we need to keep lending support at every opportunity.