Sunday, May 22, 2005


I GOT AIR!!!   with a couple tips from my neighbor Mike, i got the swamp cooler running   changed the copper wiring myself learning it can easily be cut with a pair of pliars   now why this simple contramption seemed so difficult before is beyond me   there is really nothing to this swamp cooler   NOW I KNOW how to do this myself and don't need the handyman:-)    another task for my jane of all trades journeyman my babies can stay cool in this heat   i keep them inside while i work in this heat    we are all happy campers right now:-)......


jolie424 said...

Way to do sound like a "Jane of all Trades", you keep cool you don't want a heat stroke.....your readers want you around so you can write more entries to your journal! Thanks for the encouraging words about my life is kind of boring ...not sure anyone would be interested in my daily goings on...but I'm having fun!


jmorancoyle said...

Good work. You are my hero.