Sunday, May 1, 2005

my kids

i swear that my kids have esp now    realizing had the blues this morn after the first entry of the day, i had gone out for a chocolate fix: chocolate milk, chocalete eclair, chocolated frosted donut    while devouring the donuts and milk i found a couple yards sales  got a shirt for a buck and 5 books at 50c a piece  one included moby dick which i have yet to read   laterz in between school...anyhow , i come home and wlak in the door   i have NOT mentioned to my kids about their walk  nor have i gone to the top of the frig for the leash which they know is up there   anyways, they start carrying on like we're headed for a walk   i'm asking myself how do they know?  it's gotta be ESP!   so  i got the water and off we went   we had a great time!  of course, i know they enjoyed it far more than i did, but that's debatable   i treasure these moments with them while they are soooo enjoying themselves just running free and no leashes   it's upon the plateau down the road behind the petroglyphs   the petroglyphs being the writins on the rocks left by the ancient ones  anyways my 2 youngest were so funny today   they were worn out within 20mins   they had been running up and down beside me anyways when they saw a rabbitt   hard fast left and they were off and i'm going O NO!   so the chase was on  them the rabbit and me them   fortunately the rabbit escaped and they lost the trail rather quickly   then it was a rest in the shade for a few moments  and charlie is sooo beautiful to watch   he is nothing but lean and nice and all muscle   you see every muscle move as he runs like the grace of a lion chasing its meal for the day   charlie is just a beautiful pitt   handsome little guy, ok not so little    he wore hisself out so quick he was walkin beside me as though i had taught him to heal   sometime soon thereafter he got a second wind and was off chasing rabbits and birds again   fortunately he didn't bring any home with him although he did find a partial rabbit and wanted to keep it   reminded me of when i lived in the mtns and my dogs then brought all kinds of nature home with them   thank goodness charlie dropped this rabbit and left it in the wild  these are the treasures i cherish more than anything materialistical   you just can't buy them    and charlie rode in the back of the truck on the way home and did very well   i used to have a truck with a shell   my current one doesn't have one and today was the first time i let charlie ride back there   he was tied down a bit which at least hinted he couldn't jump out and take off somewhere   he really is a great kid despite marking his territory in the house and doing his houdini act over my fence    today my kids nurtured me and my blues   before the chocalate fix, i laid down with them in our queen size bed and snuggled up with them   this is the best nourishment for me when i'm blue   i can cuddle with them anytime, anyplace whenever i feel the need or not    thank God for creating our best friends!:-)!    in the meantime, i'm working on some pics of them to post in here....take care....God bless!            they are out like a light, dreaming sweet dreams:-)

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candace636 said...

I am very convinced that dogs are able to sense things we cannot. Chocolate....the very best cure all. : )