Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jimmy Boy

ok,  here's my Jimmy dog   he's black lab cross   one huge lap dog   he's all kisses and hugs   the only irritating thing he does is bark over his food   no one, except me, can get near his food   he was in the animal shelter for 4months   unusually high amount of time for dogs there   fear of him being in his last days, i rescued him   i'm surprised no one had adopted him before   but as i said, he's huge   on his hind legs he stands as tall as me at 5'4"    he's my most loyal dog too   he'll be at my feet all day long, unless he's guarding his food   then he's all day there   he lays on my lap often and gives me kisses daily and/or nightly for my day.....i want to rant about the job, but don't know that i should hold my tongue   plus i'm off work now, and the union will deal with management with their latest doings   just as you think things can't get worse at the job, they remind you ever so quickly otherwise   you'd think i'd be accustomed to it after 19yrs   not sure there is such a thing workin for the govt   o well, for now it pays the the good thing today was i got to see Danny for a moment   Danny is the guy headed to iraq soon again    he had on the St. Christopher pendant i gave him  he just returned from training and is waiting on his orders now   his family is having a going away party for him saturday, so i'll be headed for that   today i told him i loved him   i love all our soldiers and their bravery for serving our country   being a veteran i have a little insight into their dilemmas although i haven't ever served in a war   but in the military you are a team  everyone is helping everyone else out and the comradeship has no words to describe   i thought i'd find that team ship in the civil sector, but it has yet to be found   i do have it with a few coworkers, but it's not the same as the military   too much diversity with co-workers   anyways, my military is a treasure i cherish ...i'd recommend it to any young man or womanundecided with their future from high school   it did me a lot of good....well other than the heat getting to me already, that's the news for today   (the heat and my meds do not mix   i get physically ill if i'm not careful of my diet)....hope all is well with j-landers    ....laterz


lacaza3 said...

yes I know about that union and management stuff...Working for sbc was the same way..the company was always pulling shit
Donna In TEXAS

ksquester said...

I am grateful and humbled by all people who are serving or you have served in the military. My husband is a Vietnam veteran. I may not agree with all politics but I sure do support our troops and pray for their safe return. I salute YOU!  Anne

fitzzer said...

Aww...another sweetie! You're so lucky to have such wonderful friends. I'm sure you know that already. I hope Danny stays safe and knows how much we all appreciate the tough job our military does for us. I may not agree with this war, but I support our troops and have so much respect for what they do. And most of all I hope they all return safely. Have a good one! ~ Lori